Mad About The Grapes

If you are interested in learning about wine then it won’t be long before you come across Hugh Johnson: the world’s biggest selling wine writer. His first book, simply titled  Wine, was published back in 1966, and later editions metamorphised into the now ubiquitous World Atlas of Wine, in collaboration with Jancis Robinson. Incredible as it now seems, in the original book you can go for … Continue reading Mad About The Grapes

Valdepeñas – El Regreso

En otro tiempo era el vino predilecto de artistas y aventureros, pero a mitad del siglo pasado el vino de Valdepeñas se comenzó a servir en jarras de sangría barata para turistas low-cost. ¿Qué es lo que falló? Hace un año, en una nueva campaña de marketing, la denominación adoptó el eslogan “Vinos con historias que contar”, y la caída en desgracia de los vinos de la región es una historia que merece ser contada. Continue reading “Valdepeñas – El Regreso”

5 of the best from Valdepeñas

Following my mini road trip, this month I have lined up 5 of the best wines from Valdepeñas. The small region of La Mancha, with an average altitude of 700 meters and extreme temperature differences,  has finally found its way back to what it does best – warm, spicy Tempranillo. Production is now dominated by a triumvirate of top wineries, and such has been the resurgence … Continue reading 5 of the best from Valdepeñas

Valdepeñas – the road back

It was once the toast of artists and adventurers, but by the middle of the last century the wine of Valdepeñas was being tipped into jugs of cheap sangria for package-holiday tourists. How did it all go so spectacularly wrong? Last year, in a new promotional drive, the denomination adopted the slogan ‘Wines with stories to tell’, and the region’s fall from grace is a story that deserves to be told.

Continue reading “Valdepeñas – the road back”